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August 2019

MS Readathon gets a digi-makeover
Do your hands compute?
10% off Melbourne Writers Festival
What are our MS Ambassadors up to?
MStranslate goes to ECTRIMS
Protein networks identified that underlie MS risk
Webinar: pregnancy and multiple sclerosis

MS Readathon gets a digi-makeover

The start of this month marked the official day of reading for the 2019 MS Readathon, and it's gone off with a bang, already raising over $820,000 for families living with multiple sclerosis. 

Intouch readers might remember taking part in the Readathon during their own time at school, but having been around for over 40 years, we've given it a slight makeover. 

Embracing the digital era, the brand new website is interactive with avatars, fundraising badges and places to review books.

You can meet some of the awesome students taking part this August here. 

With all fundraising going towards MS Family Camps, the Readathon allows kids to help other kids who have a mum or dad living with multiple sclerosis.
These camps help families living with multiple sclerosis to spend quality time together, learn more about multiple sclerosis and bond with others who are sharing their journey.

Unsurprisingly, the camps are in high demand, so the funds raised through this month of reading are vital. 

You can take a look at our brand new website here and discover the new and improved MS Readathon. 
Do your hands compute? 
Computers are one of the most popular technological advances of the century, dominating our workplaces, social circles and even classrooms. So, what happens if your hands aren't as adept to your mouse or keyboard as you'd like?
If you're having issues navigating your mouse, there are four different ergonomic mice on the market.

For example, a trackball mouse has a base that remains stationary as users roll a ball to control the mouse cursor. Apart from requiring less space, trackball mouse also involves virtually no wrist or arm movements to operate.

Ergonomic Trends have taken all the hard work out of it, and reviewed the best models of 2019 for us. 

Some people may also find that using a trackpad is a better option for them, rather than using a mouse at all. Trackpads can relieve hand and wrist strain, while still allowing accurate onscreen control. 

10% off Melbourne Writers Festival
Author, Caro Llewellyn lives with multiple sclerosis and will be talking about her experience - documented in her recent memoir Diving Into Glass - in early September.

Melbourne Writers Festival 2019 is delighted to offer the MS community in Victoria, a 10% discount on the two events listed below featuring Caro Llewellyn.

If you’ll be in Melbourne on Sunday 1 or 8 September 2019 and would like to attend one or both events, visit and use promotion code MS10 to receive the 10% discount (across full price and concession tickets).

Caro Llewellyn: Diving into Glass, Sunday 8 September, 11.30am

When We Talk About Bodies, Sunday 1 September, 1.00pm
Special thanks to MS Australia for collaborating with us to offer this wonderful offer!

What are our MS Ambassadors up to? 
Last month 15 of our wonderful ambassadors spoke at a whopping 23 events, so they were particularly busy. 

We saw them speak at the Sydney Medical School, Illawarra Grammar Readathon Launch, Penrith City Council, and notably on the SBS Insight MS Program.

August is a a busy month for the ambassador program as well, as we interview our newest applicants for the 2019 intake.

Remember, if you're holding a fundraising event, or have something coming up where you'd like an ambassador to speak at you can book them on our website

Keep an eye out for some new faces!  


MStranslate goes to ECTRIMS
Every year, the multiple sclerosis clinical and research communities meet to discuss the latest findings and share ideas about important future directions.

In September this year, around 9000 participants will converge on Stockholm for this year’s ECTRIMS conference.

Excitingly, MStranslate will be on site to hear all of these latest research updates.

It is with even greater excitement that we can confirm that through our collaboration with MS (and similarly to last year), we will be sharing some of these insights in a future Intouch article.

Article written by MStranslate.

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Protein networks identified that underlie MS risk 

While over 200 gene variations have been associated with multiple sclerosis, it is not known how many of these actually increase multiple sclerosis risk.

One way to determine this is to look at the proteins made by the genes and see how they work together in cells to change risk.

Recently, a group of international and Australian MS researchers have used a cutting-edge approach to identify the proteins related to multiple sclerosis risk with a particular focus on their role in immune cells – the cells that go awry in multiple sclerosis.

Published in Nature Communications, the researchers looked at a total of 47,351 people with multiple sclerosis and compared them with 68,284 people without multiple sclerosis. 

Article written by MS Research Australia
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Webinar: Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis
Join Associate Professor Anneke Van Der Walt at our next webinar, which will focus on pregnancy and multiple sclerosis.

A/prof Van Der Walt will discuss how pregnancy may affect multiple sclerosis, the impact of treatments during pregnancy and discuss many frequently asked questions about pregnancy and multiple sclerosis.

Keen to learn more?
Tune in to the webinar: Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis

Date: 21 August 2019 
Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm


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