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Webinar -  Managing MS Fatigue
Wednesday 31 July 2019
2.00pm - 3.00pm AEST 

Multiple sclerosis fatigue is different from everyday fatigue. About 80% of people with multiple sclerosis experience fatigue as a major symptom.  Presented by MS Specialist Occupational Therapists, this session looks at the nature of multiple sclerosis fatigue and strategies to help clients better manage this symptom that has such disabling implications. 

Learning Objectives
  • Development of a greater understanding of MS Fatigue
  • Increased resources for assessing MS Fatigue
  • Improve and develop therapeutic approaches and strategies to assist managing client’s fatigue

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Webinar -  Dealing Confidently with Client's Grief
Thursday 1 August 2019
2.00pm - 3.00pm AEST 

Grief abounds when clients are diagnosed, living with, caring for and or working with people with a chronic illness. Presented by Meg Moorhouse, social worker and accredited grief counsellor. Meg works as a bereavement counsellor with Melbourne City Mission Palliative Care service, runs support groups and assists families and health professionals. 
Learning Objectives
  • Educate participants in the current theory of grief, symptoms, phases and strategies to cope
  • Investigate what is most challenging about grief reactions inherent in these situations
  • Build participant’s confidence in how to recognise, respond to and support grief reactions for the people we are working with

Free E-books when you book a webinar
Research Update 

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The Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Guide to Lifestyle Empowerment
Kennedy P
Managing the Symptoms of MS.
Shapiro, Randall T.

Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
Lowenstein, Nancy

An Occupational Therapists Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems
Brown, Cary

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Useful Links and Journal Articles

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