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July 2019

Strategic Plan Development Update
Make breakfast great again
Getting around with the Alinker
MS Walk + Fun Run goes to Tassie
Education, not embarrassment
What are clinical trials?
Webinar: managing fatigue in multiple sclerosis

Strategic Plan Development Update

Readers of Intouch eNewsletter will be aware of the Board’s work in the development of Multiple Sclerosis Limited's Strategic Refresh which will provide the basis for our new Operating Model for the delivery of services to people living with MS.

The Board continues to work closely with management to finalise the five-year Strategic Plan which will be formally launched at the November Annual General Meeting in Sydney.

From the work done to date, the Board is clear that the delivery of the new Operating Model can be best supported by the continued utilisation of the Nerve Centre site in Blackburn, and has therefore committed to a 12–18 month process to determine the use of the site to meet the needs of people living with MS into the future.

In the mean-time, existing services will continue to operate from Blackburn. MS staff will also remain at Blackburn and will not be re-locating, with the future of the Box Hill site to also form part of the Board’s review.

I look forward to keeping the MS Community up-to-date with developments as they are determined by the various working parties.
Warm regards
John Blewonski
Chief Executive Officer

Make breakfast great again 

We know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, especially during this busy part of the year.

But as the mornings grow colder, and the temptation to stay in bed for as long as possible grows stronger - the humble brekky is often overlooked. 

Whether you're a Weetbix warrior, or have a penchant for porridge, there are plenty of quick ways to spruce up your morning meal. 

We found some great inspiration over at the Foodie Crush.

From overnight oats, to breakfast protein boxes - there are enough ideas to get you through at least a couple of weeks as a breakfast champion. 

There are still some of us out there who need a simple breakfast on the go.

Great ideas include instant oats, a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal bread, a tub of greek yoghurt and a piece of fruit, or even low sugar cereal. 

Send through your brekky inspo to, we love sharing ideas!
Getting around with the Alinker 
Have you heard of the Alinker Bike? For the last few weeks, the MS Gym in Lidcombe has had an Alinker Bike available for people to try out. 

Nina, one of our Support Coordinators who lives with multiple sclerosis gave the bike a try this month, and she loved it!

“I tested the Alinker out at MS Lidcombe and liked it so much that I have rented one for eight weeks to incorporate it into my fitness routine!" she said.

"It is colourful, quirky and cool . . .kinda like me. I don’t feel any stigma when using it. If you see me rolling on it through the streets of Wollongong, come say hello and see for yourself why I think the Alinker is a game changer!”

The Alinker is a non-motorised walking-bike without pedals. With an adjustable saddle and handlebars, it is custom designed to challenge society’s assumptions about disability.

If you're in NSW, you can still head over to Lidcombe and try the bike out until 17 July. If you're keen to give it a go after this week, or if you're in another part of Australia you can check the bike out here
MS Walk + Fun Run goes to Tassie! 
2019 is exciting for many reasons, but we're particularly happy because this year marks the launch of the first ever Launceston MS Walk + Fun Run.

Up until now, the MS Walk + Fun Run has taken place in ACT, NSW and Victoria - so we can't wait to see it materialise in Tasmania.

The inaugural Launceston MS Walk + Fun Run will take place on 22 September at Inveresk Precinct, and registration is free for people living with multiple sclerosis. 

You can walk or run a 4.5km distance or a 9.5km distance, and dogs are welcome on the walks!

Remember, this fundraising event cannot happen without the support of a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers – and we would love your support!

If you think you'd like to volunteer in Launceston, head on over to the event website

Not in Tassie but still want to volunteer? Send us an email - we're always looking for help in all states. 
Education, not embarassment 
Incontinence, or a lack of voluntary control over going to the bathroom is generally a subject that most people feel embarrassed about and don’t want to discuss.

However, it is a symptom that is estimated to impact around 80% of people living with multiple sclerosis.

Considering this, it is important that we discuss it as openly and
freely as we would any other major issue that affects the quality of life of people in the MS community.

One of the main reasons to reduce the stigma that surrounds conversations regarding incontinence is the fact that a number of management options do exist.

Article written with MStranslate.

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What are clinical trials?
Clinical trials are usually the final steps before new medical interventions are introduced to the clinic. 

They are the accumulation of extensive research and work, with many bright ideas failing to even reach this step.

Clinical trials are essential to prove that the new proposed intervention is more efficacious than what is currently used and to ensure treatments are evidence-based.

Without such trials, there is no way to determine whether new interventions developed through research are effective or safe.

Article written by 
MS Research Australia

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Webinar: managing fatigue in multiple sclerosis
Caitlin Ireland is an Exercise Physiologist at MS and will be presenting this webinar next month. 

Caitlin will discuss types of fatigue, symptoms and explore fatigue management strategies, identify contributing factors and give advice on where you can access further information and support.

Keen to learn more?
Tune in to the webinar: 
Managing fatigue in multiple sclerosis (management strategies)

Date: 7 August 2019 
Time: 3pm-4pm


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